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Going to School after 1 week break

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Yesterday, 14 April. Finally my WJ stop whining and willing to go to school.

The teacher said he is OK, without going to toilet a zillion time.

In last 8 days has been hell for me, and at time I really want to strangle him (not really). But looking into his eyes and knowing that he does not able to communicate what really bothered him make me sad. Why god must make them in such a way? I hate when people tell me "it is god's plan", "God know you are a better person who can care for them"

Yooo! Hey God (I hope he read my blog) forget about your plan, your objective and your creativeness. Put all those suffering on me INSTEAD of MY SON! Period!

Do you hear me? Probably Not!

The following are some checklist or signs of autism disorder, click on the picture to ZOOM in


Must be very hard for you and your kids,may you and your kids be free from suffering,illnes and may you be living hapily.


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