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Zahid O Zahid

6/21/2013 04:11:00 PM
Gobind had earlier called for Zahid to be suspended from the Cabinet pending the outcome of the civil suit as its outcome could trigger off calls for police action and it would be “improper” for Zahid to be the minister in charge of the police if that were to happen. 
Zahid in response to Gobind’s call for his resignation said that only the Prime Minister can make that decision. “The Prime Minister is the one who appoints and dismisses a minister, that is his prerogative,” said Zahid earlier this week.
Please read about it here...

A wise man with a brain will resign pending the investigation or outcome of the court case. This is call conflict of interest, No?

Calling him a wise man might be too much, but without a brain? OMG!!

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Borneo United Reliance Party (婆羅洲聯合信實黨)

5/21/2013 12:23:00 PM
How about this? Borneo United Reliance Party (婆羅洲聯合信實黨) in short BURP

All MP from Sabah and Sarawak United and forms a reliance party called the Borneo United Reliance Party (婆羅洲聯合信實黨)

With this new party to represent Sabah and Sarawak interest, we will have stronger and legitimate bargain power to seek justice, development and autonomy. Sabah and Sarawak joined Malaya as equal partners together with Singapore, but Singapore has since left the union.

Now set aside your personal interest for once, and have the heart for the people of Sabah and Sarawak. Don't look for Financial Return, Power and Glamour for ONCE. Just do this for Once in your life time and have your name and legacy in the history of Sabah and Sarawak, and Malaysia.

Can we the people of Sabah and Sarawak call upon those who are elected to do something? Let match on for a better and bright future.

James Masing, please stop talking about race based party, look at MCA! They are ousted and now they are looking for excuses to be in the EXCO or Cabinet. What a shame really! We do not need a race to represent another race in the Cabinet or EXCO. We need a truely Malaysian to represent Malaysian.

You might say that I am contradicting myself, since BURP will be representing Sabah and Sarawak, not Malaysia as a whole. But please allow me to be selfish a bit.. Sabah and Sarawak has been sidelined and abused for the past 40++ years, we need to be strong to represent and protect our interest. However we should not be Race or Religion based when we make a decision. Justice and Righteousness is the keys.

Please like the page in facebook >> Borneo-United-Reliance-Party-婆羅洲聯合信實黨

The next question is what's next? Any suggestion please comment on the Facebook page


Dolce House Fashion Wholesales
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When Voting Tomorrow! Remember the following..

5/04/2013 10:04:00 PM
When voting tomorrow, please proceed to BN booth/pondok to check your information. Never and DON'T go to PR booth/pondok. This is because BN can estimate the total of the vote in their favor, and if they think they are losing they might be or will be trying to cheat.

Just pretend to support them but vote for UBAH!

Pass this message around! My dear brothers and Sisters. This is the time where we can help our beloved country!

IniKalilah UBAH!!

If you see any foreigners at the polling station, SMS the TAHAN Squad hotline : 0165059065. Just SMS TAHAN and PLEASE DO NOT take the law into your own hand! TAHAN Squad will know what to do and the official email is Please ONLY SMS and we do not want the number to be congested

The following are backup numbers:-


Please share it out to as many voter as possible, this is for the sake of our next generation. UBAH now or we forever regret in later life.

Happy Voting, and wish and pray that we have a NEW Government on 5 May 2013! UBAH!
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Michelle Yeoh, BN and Anlene

4/24/2013 09:51:00 PM
I went to Giant Hyper market today looking for Calcium Supplement for the benefit of my aging bone. I came across the brand Anlene Gold and the following is the picture of Michelle Yeoh as their spoke woman for Anlene Gold

I watched a video on youtube early tittle "Datuk Michelle Yeoh Sokong Barisan Nasional"

Finally I decided to choose another brand instead of Anlene Gold. My reason is simply this "If Michelle think that Najib is the best leader to lead Malaysia, and BN is the best party" then I think her choice of Anlene should reflect her comment about Najib and BN.

We Malaysian has enough of BN and Najib. Do we want Anlene Gold?
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55 Vote BN Out

4/11/2013 02:07:00 PM

55 in Cantonese I think is "Quickly" or in Malaysian Slang is "Quick Quick"
What else can we do? It time to Quickly Act and Vote them OUT for Good

Calling all to take leave and go back to VOTE!!

Advertisement from Dolce House == do visit my blogshop yeah, he he cari makan and advertise here also lah.. thank you for your support!
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Check List Before THE DAY, GE13 on 5 May

4/10/2013 02:08:00 PM
The announcement of GE13

#Ge13dates announcement

The BN will be coming to your area and giving a lot of promises, let us remember this in mind:-

  • Never belief in any promises from BN anymore, 50 years is enough
  • Tell them you want INSTANT DELIVERY, NOT Promises
  • Take anything coming you way, and ASK FOR MORE.
  • Take whatever is coming, if you do not need it.. DONATE it to charity.
  • BUT continue to ASK for MORE, MORE, MORE...
  • Anything but PROMISES. We cannot accept PROMISES
  • ONLY Instant BENEFIT
  • ON 5 May 2013, VOTE ANYTHING But NO BN
  • You do not have to feel BAD or Guilty
  • The INSTANT BENEFIT is FROM OUR Tax Payer Money. It is OURS, NOT BN
  • You can always GIVE IT BACK to the NEW GOVERNMENT if you feel Guilty

To my brothers and sisters in Sarawak and Sabah, we Malaysian need you now! Don't be fool again by those PROMISES. We had enough of PROMISES..

Najib said "You Help Me, I Help You"
I said "I help myself"
Sabah and Sarawak  said "We can help ourselves, you go find you own help"

Let's make it happen this time...

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BR1M RM1200 last me 2 years and 5 months

4/08/2013 04:06:00 PM
With the recent announcement of BN manifesto, and my immediately response is "WOW Great, I can survive for 2 years and 5 months on RM1200 handout."

The BR1M one-off cash payment to low income households (who earn less than RM3,000 per month) will be increased, during the next five years, from RM500 to up to RM1,200. The BR1M will also be paid out annually.
Please read about it here: -

Once again, using my money to buy vote. Please lah!! Enough is Enough. We do not need handout, give us the tools (Education, Fair Opportunity and Clean Corrupt Free Government) and we will succeed with Dignity. If you are a low life (who depend on handout), please don't treat us Malaysian as one..

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The time has comes to do the right thing

4/05/2013 04:56:00 PM
GE13 is coming soon, this is the time to do the right thing.
My friends told me why do we need a change?
The change might be worst
How can we know it is for a better Malaysia.

My answer: -
We have been screwed for last 50+ years
I will like to change my screwing partner.
May be it is for the better or worst
At least I have a chance to find out

One UMNO lady said, changing government is not like changing a job, girlfriend or wife.
But in reality, what is the differences?

Only when you have changed and tried, only then you will know.
At least it will teach the current government to be humble, responsible and treat me like a boss.
The people or Rakyat is the BOSS, not you the politician

After this change, the future government that we elected will surely listen to us.
No? So spread the news and vote for a new partner

At least for next 5 years, I enjoy a new screw.
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Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

12/22/2012 05:57:00 PM
I was visiting the playground at Giant Hypermarket, Kinrara, Puchong recently.

I saw an outlet just beside the playground (at second floor, near the POS Office) selling kids toy and others. The shop owner does not seem to be very friendly type, but like my title of this post said "Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover"

My kids (Wei Jie and Wei Xiang) were playing at the playground. Since they are in the spectrum of autism, the way they play and their behavior attracted some attention of the other parent and also the shop owner.

He approached me and ask about my kids, and I explained to him about their situation. He then ask me to go his shop, and he said "I would like to give one MP3 player to each of your son, please choose 2 and the color that they like". He then ask Wei Xiang to choose, but Wei Xiang does not seem to be interested and run away.

Since my kids does not like to listen to music with ear plug inside their ears, and I have tried letting them listen before and they simply does not like it. I politely turn down the offer and thank him for his kindness and understanding of my special kids. I do not want to take advantage of his kindness and he is running a business. The cost of renting the space is RM1500 per month and I belief it is hard to cover looking at the number of people actually stop by to browse.

The shop owner's brother.

My son Wei Xiang in front of the store.

During the Xmas, if you are going to buy some toys as gift why not pay him a visit. Even if you do not buy from him, just a word of thank for his kindness will go a long way. It is hard to educate the public to understand our kids, this man make an effort to know and show me his kindness. He even hug me and said "do take care". Please note, he does not look friendly but he has the heart. So please never judge a book by it's cover.

Do visit him and let him know we appreciate him.. You can tell him you read about me and my two kids..

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year
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Ghost of Tuesday, May 13 1969

12/01/2012 09:57:00 PM
Dear Friends and Fellows Malaysian

This page is NOT link or affiliate to any political party. We only share view and opinion with those who oppose using the Ghost of Tuesday, May 13 1969 (The Ghost) as a political tool to gain vote.

This page shares the love and affection we have for OUR Malaysia, Not YOURS or MINE Malaysia Alone. This is OUR Malaysia. So let stop those who politicize The Ghost.

What we can do?

1. Actively assure fellow Malaysia that we are not a racist
2. Actively talk and convince our Kampung Folk that The Ghost is a Past that we had learned dearly
3. Share this page, post in this page anything/information/article that related to The Ghost
4. Please DO NOT POST anything that will Spoiled the relationship between us all
5. The Admin reserved the right to REMOVE or BLANK OUT Racist and Provocative Posting

Let The Ghost be by gone past, we had learned from it. Let move forward as a nation

Go to the following FB Pages, Like it and pass the message along

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Highway the Sarawak Style, Highway to Hell

11/12/2012 03:39:00 PM
We have traveled in PLUS and other highway in West Malaysia. We pay the toll and have the luxury of getting double lanes highway each way with rest area and others facilities. While in Sarawak, we have highway to Hell.. Sarawak style!

This is a pictures and comments from a friend of mine staying in Marudi. This is her experience whenever she has to drive from Marudi to Miri. The distance is about 40+ kilometers

The is her comment and pictures send to my phone via VIBER Apps: -

42km and construction is still in progress. Part near to Marudi  between SG Arang Bakong and Baram is still BLACK CLAY. That where we got stuck and damn slippery because it is rainy day here now. The completed part has so many potholes though it was tarred and sealed just a few months ago. Belum setengah tahun pun.

Hi... hi where I was stuck just now

Ini dah tarred, and see lah!!!

My comment: Due to corruption, the sand is more than the pebbles and Tar

My comment: this is suppose to be a highway.. Sarawak Style

This is small stretch that has been repaired, I am not sure what is the maintenance cost

No sign of any construction of a bridge to replace this Chain-Pulled Ferry.. YES! I mean CHAIN PULLED Ferry!! No Joke! From Marudi to Miri, we have to take 2 ferries, RM60 for a round trip. It is more than your toll in KL for 42km?

Can you imagine a lady teacher who has to drive through the above road condition? I really solute her!! She asked that the politician from PKR or BN take the trip from Miri using the above road to Marudi. She is very sure they will be horrified by it.

She said "I am the only lady driving in that conditions, Memang dah Orang Ulu pun! Hardy...

In West Malaysia, we have all the nice toll road and even our state road is a lot better than the above. The oil rich Sarawak has contribute so much to the development of West Malaysia, but Sarawak does not enjoy the fruit of it's natural resources. Who are we to blame?

I said, stop the blaming and just do the outing.. let vote the corrupted BN government out!
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New Camry Hybirb XLE for RM80K. Get Your Now!

10/19/2012 10:04:00 AM
My Dream car for the moment. Only at RM80K! Yahoo!!

To order your please visit your nearest Toyota Showroom Now

Wait, the exchange rate between US$ and RM is about 3.05
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Budget 2013: Rakyat = Monkey?

9/30/2012 02:01:00 PM
Firstly please read my previous posting: -

You pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Rakyat = Monkey?

Feeding us short term peanut will not solve the issue. Do something so we can compete equally, provide us the resource to gain knowledge, enhance the facilities so we can be more effective. Last but not the least, reduce our long term costs: - Corruption, Leakage, AP, Car Price, Housing and Education.

Aiyo, RM500, RM250 and those one time handout do us no good.

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You pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Rakyat = Monkey?

9/28/2012 10:20:00 AM
What do you think about the BR1M handout? The current government gave RM500 to each low income household. The money comes from public fund and we the tax payer is footing the bill. We have to remember that, BN is currently in power and they are managing our money.

What does RM500 mean to one individual? The math: -

RM500/12 months = RM41.67/month; RM41.67/30 = RM1.388888, round it to RM1.40/day

This is RM1.40 per day for low income household. Let’s assume on average they are 5 members in each household. How much is each member’s apportionment? The answer is RM0.28.

I know it is a free handout. I know we should be grateful. I know we should be happy and should just vote BN for its good deed. Wait a minute, really? This is my money in the first place.

What can RM1.40 buy me for? A Chap Tangan Peanut cost RM2.80 per package. I will buy one pack of peanut every 2 days.

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Only stupid people will work/vote for you if you do not pay very much

Dear BN, please stop using public fund to buy vote before GE13. If you are treating us like a monkey by giving us peanut, you will need to kiss our butt before we will vote for you.

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Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland

9/16/2012 02:25:00 AM
Today is Malaysia Day, 16 September 2012, 49 years since the formation of Malaysia when Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore and Malaya formed Malaysia. Happy Malaysia Day

I feel very strongly been a Malaysian, especially when I am a Sarawakian from Ulu Baram. Now residing in Kuala Lumpur. I have 2 handsome boys both suffering from autism. What is autism you may ask? Just Google it and your eyes and ears will be opened to a wide information of autism.

Our struggle, hope, denial and mostly sadness and heartache only can be felt by those who are in our shoe. However I had make a pledge to myself to be happy and do whatever I can to help my boys to be better, even when sometimes I do not know what the word "better" mean in this context.

May be "better" mean make sure they are independent and happy now and after I left the world. But surely I will not leave this world in peace. So R.I.P will never be the term for my departure.

Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland? Autism kids like to play and arrange thing hence lego has been their plaything since young. Going to Legoland will be my dream come through for making them happy, and I wish I can get a life long special pass for my sons.

May be then I will be a little bit R.I.P when I leave this world.
- -->
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Malaysia Day and I

9/16/2012 01:40:00 AM
Malaysia Day and I

Born when Singapore left
Seeing Singapore leap and bound
Malaysia Day hope we kept
Feeling Malaysia drag and down

Singapore has since speed ahead
Malaysia we still playing blaming game
Time to change the government we had
Before Malaysia becomes too lame

Sarawak has nothing left
God's gifts has totally theft
We all have one vote left
Giving to whom promises kept

Happy Malaysia Day

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回教刑法? 马华在说些什么呢?

9/14/2012 01:46:00 PM


马华称把手上的一票投给国阵, 马华将确保巫统永远不会实行回教刑法。若把票投给民联, 那谁能够阻止回教党实行回教刑法呢?


在整个情况上,是不是巫统或回教党就能自行宣布实行回教刑法或使我国成为伊斯兰国家 ,这句话可能意味些什么呢?


就让我们回顾上一届大选结果吧! 巫统赢得 79 个国会议席。就其本身而言,它不能成立一个政府,甚至连宣布实行回教刑法也谈不上。

回教党赢得 23 个国会议席。那么回教党更不可能单独地宣布实行回教刑法。要是回教党打算联合其民联盟党, 你认为他们会同意实行回教刑法吗?

可是就有个愚蠢的回教党宗教师哈伦 · 泰益却认为可行。他说,"我们将实行回教刑法,甚至修改宪法,如果不与当前的民联盟党合作…也许会有其他政党,将给于我们的支持,"。


让我们再次回顾与分析上一届选举结果.巫统拥有 79 个国会议席, 这包括在沙巴 13 席, 即使巫统和回教党国会议席联合起来也不足以组成政府。

回教党国会议席和巫统合并起来,也只有 102 个席位。他们仍然需要马华的 15 个议席和印度国大党的 3 个席位,才能让他们在国会议席中占有 120 个的席位而成立联合政府。


要成立一个伊斯兰国家/回教刑法, 他必须具有在国会中获得 2/3 多数议席的支持。要是巫统和回教党想建立一个伊斯兰国家, 他们需要通过修改宪法和拥有 148 个国会议席的支持。

假设拉拢公正党 18 穆斯林议员跳槽呢?好,就让我们做一个统计。公正党现时仅有 16 穆斯林国会议员(原有 18 个国会议员。 如果祖诺尔金和 Zahrain 去年没跳槽成为亲国阵议员) 总共拥有 31 个国议会席。

即使所有公正党穆斯林议员跳槽过去与巫统和回教党组合起来再加上马华和印度国大党的国会议席,这将会给他们获得 136 个国会议席。如果包括了祖诺尔金和 Zahrain,那就138, 再加上伊布拉欣 · 阿里总共 139 个议席!哈哈,这还比国阵政府现在还少 1 席!

愚蠢的哈伦 · 泰益啊!这如何能够修改宪法和成立一个伊斯兰国家/施行回教刑法呢?


你们中的一些人可能会问, 如果回教党增加其在第 13 届大选中的国会议席数量呢?嗯,请想想, 对于每个回教党所赢取的额外议席、那它大有可能是赢取巫统目前的议席。


如此看来,我们是没有理由再去忧虑和争辩在第 13 届大选民联执政之后会成立一个伊斯兰国家/施行回教刑法!

因此, 敬爱的朋友们,如果同意与理解我以上的讲解,请与你的非穆斯林朋友分享.

- -->
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I Love my Jalur Gemilang, not UMNO Look alike

9/02/2012 03:39:00 PM
I love my Jalur Gemilang
Even though it look like that of the U.S.A

I still love my Jalur Gemilang

I do not want it to look like UMNO or Indonesian or Singapore Flag, NO WAY

Whoever are those in the picture proposing a change is their right and freedom of speech. I respect their right to wanting a change. But for god sake, Not an UMNO Look alike Flag!

I love my Jalur Gemilang, NOT an UMNO, Singapore or Indonesia LOOK Alike, NO Thank!

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