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Happy Birthday My Friend

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Dear Dato' Azman

Happy Birthday. May this today (16 April) bring you joy, happiness, success and countless smile. Just in case you still brag about the Rolex, here is your long waiting Rolex from me.

I am sure you have many collection of the time piece and adding one from me does not make any different. So I decided to send you one Rolex picture every year for your birthday.

Happy Birthday My dear friend!

Nice blog. Very honest.I love it. On friends like Dato Azman..ohh you come across people like that all the time. I try to be polite but often, especially of late, with my age, I find it difficult to hide my abhorrence towards these kinds...

Thank you Ummi for your feedback. Regarding Dato Azman, the gift of a Rolex is some kind of a joke among us for a long time. He is a nice fellow and has been my friend when we both in need for last 13 years.

He is the first friend I have when I came to KL in 1994, we are friend since then and together we went through a lot in business and also personally in life.

My condolence on the passing of your Mother-In-Law. Do take care!

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