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Hello what's that Husam Musa?


"Islamist party PAS will continue to champion the cause of an Islamic state although it will not pursue the agenda through the newly-formed opposition alliance Pakatan Rakyat, a senior PAS leader has said.

Vice-president Husam Musa said the Islamic state, a controversial agenda which often caused ideological tiffs between PAS and DAP, shall remain a “guidance” for its members at the party level."
- Exclusive by MalaysiaKini

You need to tone it down more, Nik Aziz has to come out saying it as well. Come on Nik, don't be a silent politician now, a silent politician is no politician!

Now UMNO does not dare to champion Islamic State or Islamic Country anymore. They learned the the lesson in a hard way via GE12. PAS you can be next UMNO in making if Nik Aziz does not come out openly to denounce Islamic state.

We are a secular state. PERIOD!

We are waiting PAS, or else next time what you hear will be...

Vote anything BUT PAS, Vote any color But GREEN!!


Dear PAS, Please note I can broadcast thousand of SMS to denounce you if i wish. I did broadcasting thousand of SMS in support of the PR in Penang, Selangor and Kedah.

So don't play with fire on islamic state. Denounce it or else you are going to be history too with UMNO in GE13.

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