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Income for Special Kids

Dear Parents,

If you are like me having a Special Kid in your family and worry about what will happen to them when we are gone, than you are welcome to share your view!

I have 2 sons and both suffer from a disorder call Autism. They will need long term supervision or support even into adulthood. Naturally we want them to be independent and be able to survive in the world without us around to hold their hands. I am trying now, even when they are still as young as 4 years old to let them experienced and be as independent as possible. Meaning I am conditioning them to be able to live in this world.

Based on statistic, I also know that the chances for them to be independent is very slim but then again I am not giving up hope just yet.

Realistically I also have to prepare for them financially. Most insurance companies in Malaysia will not cover our kids medically and even for Life cover. I have managed to convince one who is willing to cover autistic kids based on case by case basis.

I suggest we invest in an income plan where we need only to invest in a Short Period of time, and they will enjoy income for the Rest of Their Life. This investment can act as their income to safeguard their living expenses and others. This income can then be paid to the center who take care of them after we are gone.

Do act now while they are still young, even if they can be independent in the future. The investment plan can be used for their education or even your (parents) own retirement income.

How nice! here are the flyers

Kindly drop me an email at if you need detail information about the investment income plan.


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