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PAS, Another UMNO in the making..


In the last general election, 12th Malaysia GE. I tried my very best to convince my parents, uncles and aunties to vote for ANYTHING but BN. My father all the way BN supporter because he always belief that MCA will always look after his interests. And the bigger fear of all is PAS. Most of those one generation above us (parents, uncles and aunties) DO NOT TRUST PAS.

I managed to use RPK (here, here) argument that PAS cannot turns Malaysia into an Islamic State, and PKR and DAP will not allow it to happen. When I showed them PAS election Manifesto to proof to them that PAS has never mentioned the ISLAM STATE again. They all agreed to give PAS a benefit of doubt.

Last 2 days, my dad call and a few of my uncles called and what they are saying are: -

"PAS huh? Once a Crook, Always a Crook"

I have nothing to offer to them except to apologize for my stupidity. If PAS going around thinking we vote for it aka approve Islamic State. PAS is damn wrong and next GE you will be surprised by People Power again.

I do belief Majority of my malay brothers and sisters does not want an Islamic State. We will vote you out with your tail between your legs. I will make sure it happen in whatever mean I can, either technologically or otherwise. I agreed with Haris (PAS Behave or else) and I am give PAS a warning now. Uncle Lim please make sure this PAS wannabe do behave themselves or else whatever we are trying to achieve 2012/13 will be just a dream!

PAS! Retract your stupid statement, record it and upload it to youtube.


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