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Rejects please go


Dear Rejects

I walked pass the Reject Shop recently in 1Utama, usually the good in the Reject Shop has their label cut off and sell off cheaply. This is how the brand name is protecting their reputation in the market.

Then this morning I read about Lee Hwa Beng been appointed as Port Klang Chairman, reported by China Press and alerted by a posting in Lim Kit Siang's Blog

Just like what the Reject Shop is doing, once it is rejected by the brand name. It should just be "lelong" off. Without carrying the brand label or be listed in premium products.

To me the same apply for a rejected politician, we the people has rejected you and you should not accept or be appointed to any important post. May be you should just go home and look at the mirror and do some reflection on what you have done.

Please don't be so "Thick Skinned" and still want to be part of team who handle the tax payer money. We vote you out remember?

Reject is always a Reject! Get use to it!

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