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RIP Proton


I welcome the government decision to stop supporting Proton, we the tax payer has contributed to the financial Sinking/Black hole of Proton for too LONG.

Once the support is removed, please take away all those stupid taxes on the imported car. Let it be a leveled playing field for now. How many tens of years does Proton need to enjoy the handicap?

Let check around for proton car price in UK (1£ = RM6.28)

Proton GEN-2 Persona 1.6
4dr 1597cc 110 bhp £10,795 = RM67,792

Proton GEN-2 1.6 GLS 5dr 1597cc 110 bhp £9,995 = RM62,768

Proton Satria Neo 1.6 GSX 3dr 1597cc 111 bhp £9,995 = RM62,768

You can click on the link to visit the site in UK, and try to compare the price listed in Proton Ear here.

Now taking into the export quality enhancement that proton needs to do to pass the test in UK. The parts and quality of those export model are a lot better than one than sell in Malaysia, right? I remember export specification of Proton are selling at higher price in Malaysia.

Then take into the account the average income of the people in UK! Please click here for listing of Countries Per Capital Income of the world.

Malaysia 56 13,315 49 12,536 57 14,400 2007 est.
United Kingdom 22 35,134 16 33,087 21 35,300 2007 est.

Based on World Bank data

Malaysia GDP = US12,536 or £6268

UK GDP = US33,087 or £ 16,535

So based on a simple calculation. We Malaysia need to spend One whole year of Income (Everything) to buy a car, while in UK, they only need 6 months or less. Can you actually afford to pay for your car in ONE YEAR?

Do you know how much a BMW 3 series cost in UK?
BMW 3-Series 318i SE 1995cc 143 bhp £22,175 = RM139,259

Can you get one for that price? Dream on if you are in Malaysia!

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How about a comparison on Toyota Camry in US and Malaysia?

US (Camry 2.4 Auto 2009) = US19,770 (X3.22) = RM63,660

Check Malaysia Toyota for Camry 2.4 Auto 2009 model, Can you get it for RM64K? Dream on lah! And do you know what is US GDP? US43,968! Go and do the math!

Msia GDP/ capita no hv US12,000 lah, i.e. PPP value, nominal value is US$6,000 or less lah.
Msia car very xpensv cos tax lah, what else!

Dear Ching

Thank you for the feedback, I am not an accountant by training. I was analyzing the content and did my own research based on what i belief & opinion. If nominal value is only US$6000 then our car is far more expensive than US and UK.

I think we are not looking for cheaper car than US and UK. We just want the same quality car at the same price.

Right? Could you offer your view in PPP and GDP?

Shiok Guy

Am not an economist either, but PPP = Purchasing Power Parity, e.g., say in country X, X$100, may buy similar amt of Service & goods as say, US$100, in US, but exchange rate may be X$2 = US$1, If annual GDP/capita of country X is X$8,000, the GDP / capita (PPP basis) is US$8,000, but at GDP (nominal value basis) is US$4,000.

Yeah hopefully Malaysia can remove all the car taxes and hopefully I can buy a cheaper car soon...

The prices of goods are going up, and it is only rationale for the government to abolished the car taxes...

Frankly speaking I am smelling something is cooking here, it goes like this.. The petrol subsidy is going to go and in return the govt will remove all proton support and taxes.

The car price in Malaysia is damn expensive compare to other countries and it is bcoz of the government sucking all the people money so that they can give to their cronies. This BN govt should be scrap for good as there are a lot of incapable and stupid leader with stupid policy. Let us vote for knocking the excise duty down. Inflation is hitting us right now.

What petrol subsidy???
We are paying petrol taxes now.. where got any subsidy?
Petrol we pay tax, road we pay road tax + tol, car we somemore pay taxes + AP.......
die lor

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