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3.8 Million Malaysian Men have ED!

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Women today more ED-ucated

KUALA LUMPUR: More women are seeking help on erectile dysfunction (ED) compared to men, according to andrologist Dr Mohd Ismail Tambi.

He said over the past few years more women had approached him for information on the condition.

“I am not surprised,” said the clinical andrologist.

“Whenever a woman’s partner has ED, she can relate to the problem.

“Ultimately, their ego could be seriously affected as well,” he said during a question-and-answer session at a forum on ED among men. It was organised by the National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN).

Elaborating, Dr Mohd Ismail said women would question why their partners would, at some point in life, be unable to “get it up” - The Star

Is your wife secretly seeking help with her doctor about your disability (erectile dysfunction)?

“It has been said over and over again that ED can be treated and cured. A recent survey showed that some 3.8 million Malaysian men above the age of 40 have ED, not to mention those below that age,” he said.

He said that some women have even told him that their husbands were “once-a-month” men.

Once-A-Month man? No wonder the counter sales for condom in a loose pack of 3 now instead of 12 in a pack. Click here for some cartoon on ED.

Usually we man are too shy to see a doctor about it, or rather due to our Big Ego! May be this is where our wife will come in and help us up. Going to the doctor and buy some supplement for us to take. For total discretion and prevent all those KPC to get to know about it.. Order from the net!


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