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Do not pump full tank of petrol

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When the Tank in the car is fulled, the return valve activated and petrol flow back to the tank or sump below. 

Many of us are not aware that the petrol kiosk pump has a return pipe-line. When the petrol tank reaches full level, there is a mechanism to trigger off the pump latch and at the same time a return-valve is opened (at the top of the pump station) to allow excess petrol to flow back into the sump. But the return petrol has already passed through the meter, thats mean you are donating the petrol back to SHELL, PETRONAS, BHP, CALTEX and MOBIL.

Moreover having full tank of petrol you are actually carrying it around. Paying petrol to carry around another load of petrol does not make any economic sense right? So from today onward, pump half tank will do. Remember to email this post to your friend,,, click here..

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Dear o.r.g.a

You are welcome, I am a Sarawakian or East Malaysian myself.

Shiok Guy

New Cabinet:

Prime Minister - Anwar

Deputy Prime Minister - Lim Kit Siang

Agriculture Minister -

Community Minister -

Culture Minister - Farish Noor

Defence Minister - Azmin Ali

Education Minister - Nga Kor Ming

Environment Minister - Teresa Kok

Finance Minister - Tony Pua

Foreign Minister - Ramasamy

Health Minister - Tan Seng Giaw

Home Minister -

Information Minister - Jeff Ooi

Law Minister - Teng Chang Khim

Manpower Minister -

Sports Minister -

Technology Minister -

Trade Minister - Khalid

Transport Minister - Liew Chin Tong

Tourism Minister -

Don't you thin too many minister?
We need only 9

1. Homeland and Security
(Defence, Local Government, Police, transport and work)

2. Foreign Relation and Trade
(Trade, foreign relation, Tourist)

3. Uniquely Malaysian Minister
(culture, art, religion and sport)

4. Technology and Innovation
(information... all the bla bla MCMC )

5. Human Resource and Education
(HR and Education)

6. Home Service
(civil service and health)

7. Finance and Economic

Oops we need only 7 la

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