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J.CO Company Policy

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A group of us was visiting a friend who is hospitalized in Sunway Medical Center. After the visit we decided to drop by Sunway Pyramid Shopping Center for a quick brunch. Since some of us like donut very much hence naturally we end up in this outlet call J.CO Donuts and Coffee.

One of us order 2 dozen of donuts and packed in 2 take away boxes. Since the donuts are coated with creamy cream or icing on top, so it can only be packed in single layer. If you stack them up one by one in the box, you will end up with very ROJAK taste!

So we decided to order 2 donuts plus coffee each, and since we order more than 8 among us so the counter girl offer to pack it in the box for us. However we are going to eat the donuts in the shop so we don't see a need to pack them in a box, bad for the environments even when we actually recycle the box later.

We did not realized that each cup of coffee also come with a free Donut, so we end up with 5 donuts which we decided to pack it for the teacher at the school. However, the counter girl who earlier offer us the box to pack our donuts now refuse to give us a box to pack our 5 creamy donuts. She ask us to pack them into brown paper bag. She insisted that this is J.CO company policy.

Frankly speaking, you just need to use the brain to know that we cannot pack it into the paper bag. The cream and icing will make the whole donut look yucky! Sometimes people tend just to look for easy way out, company policy my foot, and I will not be going back to an outlet that does not use common sense to serve.

Can you imagine if they compromise other areas just because of company policy? I would not want to risk my health and life to eat the food coming from a brainless outlet.


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