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Thug from Syabas


On Wednesday 11 June 2008, my staff noticed 2 guys on the motor bike doing some something around the meter of our neighbor shop lots. Due to very high rate of crime of people stealing anything metal in Seri Petaling, my staff asked them

My staff: "Are you guy doing some maintenance work?"

One of them: "Yeah Yeah"

After a while, my staff noticed that they removed the meter without putting it back and they were about to leave.

My staff: "Sir, aren't you suppose to put back the meter after maintenance?"

One of them: "Why are you so noisy? Do you want to pay the bill?"

Since they behaved like a thug and she was concerned about her safety (They look like a thug too), she just ran back into the shop. She quickly called the owner of the unit and they finally confirmed from the notice in the letter box that it was Syabas staff who came to cut the water supply.

Syabase hires thug to do the job?


u should pay the bills at the first place.

u are thug yourself by ignoring all the notices,bills,and reminders.

dont just blame and blame.


Dear Anonymous : June 20; 4:39pm

For your information, I pay my bill on time regardless of what conditions.

You are missing the point here, read the posting again!

We are talking about professionalism of doing a job. If you think a rakyat who cannot afford to pay the bill is a THUG then it is your right to think so.

Getting a thug to deal with another thug? Come on!

Shiok Guy

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