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Road Blocked Everywhere

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I have a seminar in downtown KL at around 2pm, Sunday 13 July 2008. Since I have volunteer to man the registration counter, so I decided to leave for KL early with my 2 sons (both having autism) in the car. I detoured via Bukit Jalil, passed by Astro and moved toward Sungei Besi Highway! Oh My god it was a massive jam all the way to the toll plaza.

I wanted to stop over at the Petronas station and order some Junk food (Macdonald) for lunch. By the time we reached the outlet to order food my sons have tantrum badly in the car. Can you imagine 2 small boys (having autism) who were hungry?

Some of the road in downtown was closed and I encountered another road blocked near Pasar Seni, hence caused more delay, wasted more petrol!

Why create the need to have road blocked? Just because of some Non Confident Vote? Protest? Can we be a mature Malaysia? Vote and Protest is part of democratic action.

This picture is taken in Klang toll plaza around Jaya Jusco area (Monday, 14 July 4pm). All the lanes reduce to just one in front of the entrance to the poll plaza. The police on duty were just standing there chit chat, what are they checking? Basically Nothing! To me this is just a drama to create unnecessary fear in the public. The people are not stupid now!


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