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State EXCO new Merc E200 Kompressor @ RM250K each


While the government is asking the people of Malaysia to cut cost, the state of Terngganu is buying luxury cars for their state exco. Dumping the still very new and functional Proton Perdana. The total cost of the purchase amounting to whooping RM3.43 Million.

The is carried in the STAR Online today 20 July 2008
Terengganu officials switch car brand

KUALA TERENGGANU: State exco members and senior officers started using their new Mercedes-Benz E200 Kompressor cars today.

The state bought 14 of the luxury cars for RM3.43mil to replace the Proton Perdana V6 Executive cars that had been purchased in 2004.

The new cars are for the exco members, the state assembly speaker, the state secretary, the state legal adviser and the state finance officer.

The new cars with tinted windows carry the state emblem with the wording “Exco Kerajaan Negeri” embossed on the number plate.

State Secretary Datuk Mokthar Nong said the decision to use Mercedes-Benz cars was made several months ago.

The state took delivery of the cars earlier this month.

He said the German cars were bought for the safety of the state officials who had to travel extensively and to reduce the cost of maintenance.

“After much evaluation, the state felt the Mercedes-Benz cars are more reliable for long term use. It was also time to replace the Proton Perdanas,” he added.

The people of Terengannu, how do you feel when your Employee is enjoying luxury life while you as their Boss has to suffer? You vote your Employee to serve you, but instead they serve themselves first. Are you regretting voting these leeches and blood suckers into your company?

Wakeup, enough is enough! I have a feeling that the Sultan of Terengannu must has been totally disgusted by the move, and I heard that there will be no state award for his majesty birthday this year! Long live the King! Good Example for other Sultans and Governors to follow.

In a total contrast, the last time I checked the state government of Selangor, Penang, Perak, Kedah and Kelantan are using the old cars and cancel new purchases

What a blooding contrast to Blood Sucking and Leeching BN Government. Please forward this posting to all your friend! They should know what to do in the next GE.

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How to bu a Merc for RM250K?
Secondhand or recon one?

Checked with C & C list price is RM353K per unit.

Is the state government from tax????? The possible lah.

Cutting cost eh?

Replacing it is not necessarily a bad idea though in our impending economic situation, bicycles would have been a better option.

But seriously, if they were really into cost cutting, why didn't they buy Toyotas or Hondas? The Japanese cars are so much more high quality in terms of fuel efficiency, maintenance and pricing.

I think it's a lie. The Terengganu administration is probably using money from oil royalty, regardless of what they claim.

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