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Unfaithful partner - PAS


Unfaithful or Ungrateful partner is what I label PAS. PAS is unfaithful when it starts talking to UMNO for whatsover reason before consulting the partners in PR. PAS is ungrateful to the voters who vote PAS in without a second thought

The following are quote from The Star Online

ALOR STAR: Kedah PAS has hit out at the DAP for interfering in the Islamist party's affairs.

He said PAS would not follow the instructions of anyone in its struggle and as such, the DAP, which was its ally in the Pakatan Rakyat, had no right to stop or determine the party’s actions.

“PAS, DAP and Parti Keadilan Rakyat only cooperated as Pakatan Rakyat to face the Barisan Nasional in the general election. (It is) not an alliance like Barisan,” he said.

“Karpal Singh himself has said that it would be over his dead body if Pakatan ever talked to Umno. PAS has done so. Now it is up to him (to take further action),” Azizan said.

He said PAS actually welcomed the efforts of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is also Umno president, to have the discussions as PAS had long hoped that the noble intention would be realized.
You are right you should not take instruction from anyone politically, however you are in a family call PR and we the people give you the vote. So what say you?

To me this is what PAS genetic code is and the DNA profile is the same no matter how they try to be different just before the GE. Once they are in, the DNA profile of a defect human being surface.

Ungrateful and Unfaithful. Good Bye PAS!


Just saw the press conference online this morning live .... according to DSAI, Hadi Awang saya that Pas remains committed to PR IF NOT it is further ENHANCED by the recent events.... heh heh ;-)

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