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The future of a person with autism

So far autism is an disorder which has no known medical cure. If the person who has autism fall into the less severe part of the spectrum, he or she can be independent and live an acceptable way of life. For most of the those who have autism, they will need life long support physically and financially.

 My younger son run around at The Curve

When we are still around, we can still look after them physically and financially. How about when we are long gone?

An India man who wondering around Seri Petaling
When I saw this Indian man whom I belief suffered from some form of mentally disability, I cannot help but feel sad and my eyes flooded with tear. I do not want my sons to wonder around town without someone to care for them. Let start planning for their future now and don't wait until we just about to go (we usually go suddenly and usually too late to plan). Think about investing for their future where they can earn or receive constant income for the rest of their life.

If the parent of this Indian man has planned for him financially, he will be in some kind of home where he is given a shelter, food and love.

Money is not everything, in this case.. Money is the ONLY THING

What can we do now to plan for their future? Contact me if you want to find out


i have been volunteering my time to an organisation known as dignity & services and recently started a blog for them to create awareness. 2 years ago, they started a program 'OPTION'- supported living for persons with learning disability @ tmn tun, kl. do drop by at their blog to know more about the program and share your thoughts with us -

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