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The IKEA Wheel Chair

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I was in IKEA on 23 July 2008 which my family and visiting Mother In Law. My mother in law is not very convenience in movement and we usually get a wheel chair when we reached the shopping center.

My 2 sons like to play in the playground call SMALAND in IKEA and we usually allow them one hour of play time before having dinner. So we get a wheel chair from IKEA for my mother in law to move around.

We decided to have dinner at The Curve, but the IKEA management refused to allow us the usage of the wheel chair in The Cruve. I pleaded with them to allow me since my car is parked at IKEA and we are coming back to IKEA later on. But they refused and said it is company policy. In my mind, company policy your head, just use some comon sense lah. I even offer to leave my NRIC and some cash as deposit, but still it is a company policy! I hate company policy without a common sense.

End result, I went to The Curve get a wheel chair and came back to IKEA to fetch my family with the new wheel chair. After Dinner, I sent my family back to IKEA parking lot, rushed back to the Curve to return the wheel chair and back to IKEA car park to drive my family home.

No common sense really make my life suck! Thank you very much IKEA!


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