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I saw our beloved Jalur Gemilang been hoist in one of the building in Bukit Jalil. Is this the right way of hoisting our national flag? Is the Flag too big for the flag pole? Are the 3 legs support impose limitation for the Jalur Gemilang to fly proudly?

Looking at the way is it hoisted I can't help but feel sad about the whole affair. Some of you against we fly the Jalur Gembilang in distress state saying it is an insult to the flag. I see the above is worst case of insult and equivalent to restrict the flying of Jalur Gembilang.

The short and fat pole symbolize how Malaysia always want to be The Taller, The Bigger or The Longest, But not The Smartest, The kindest and The Modest.

The size of the flag does not match the short and fat pole, it symbolize how we Malaysia always going or doing something beyond our capacity just yet, we end up wasting a lot of tax payer money. We need to build our human resource in order to compete, but our higher education is so lack of competition.

The 3 legs supports symbolize the policies that drag us down in the world. Economic Policy, Educational Policy and Political Policy.

Where is this building?

SIRIM Head Office in Bukit Jalil.

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