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Police Road Block in Seri Petaling

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Recently come across a police road block around Seri Petaling area, in the direction from Technology Park Malaysia toward OUG. The location is under the massive flyover near the SMK Saujana.

I saw 3 police cars and a few bike park a long the side, and road has been reduced from 2 lanes to single lane. Hence the traffic congestion started from KESAS highway.

I was expecting something serious since they blocked the road with 3 police cars and a few police bike, with not less than 10 policemen on duty. However only 3 policemen were actively doing some work while the rest standing there chat to one another.

Do you know what they are looking for? ROAD TAX! I was so pissed off and about to wind down my window and give them my 2 cents worth. But my family member advice me to do otherwise.

A police force should be respected NOT feared Off! Why should we fear the police? They are our employee and why should I pay someone to do shitty job and I have a fear to tell him off?

What a life!

They are not only checking the road tax disc but also your driving license during this Raya for you know what . I think it has been ages since they check for the expiry on your driving license.

There are the official police roadblocks and those which have no roadblocks .

During rush or peak hour, the police have road blocks and this caused long ques . With petrol so expensive, we are being tax either way.

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