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Zoo Melaka RM10 Wheel Chair

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I was in Zoo Melaka yesterday, and with me are 3 special children under my care. I was so happy that the entrance fee for special children with OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya) is waived. I tell myself, at least the tax money that I cantributed over the years have come to some good used.

Since I have to care for 3 special kids and walking along in the Zoo, one of two of them will be exhausted and I will not be able to carry them around. So i decided to ask for one wheel chair just in case one of them collapse due to tireness or any reason that might occurs.

I was told to pay RM10 for the rental of the Wheel Chair and I have to leave my NRIC with the front counter. Naturally I voiced my unhappiness and complained that it should be Free Of Charge. The family of those who has special child ro children has suffered a lot mentally and also financially. Why need to add into the burden?

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