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New voters’ list on display next week

New voters’ list on display next week (The Star)

Is the list accessible via internet? Public viewing is old way of doing thing, and if this is a requirement by law then do go ahead. But please provide a search able list online for us to verify our information. For example, I can just enter my NRIC and all detail information will be available. I know the existing list are search able at this moment but can we make the new list search able online too?

PUTRAJAYA: The Elections Commission received 28,044 fresh applications to register as voters and 7,195 applications for a change of address between October and December last year.

Its public relations officer Sabri Said said in a statement Sunday that the names and details of the applicants would be put up in various places for public viewing from Monday until Sunday (Jan 19-25).

Among the places where the list will be put up are state post offices, computerised post offices, land offices, local councils as well as selected government complexes, multipurpose halls, rukun tetangga offices and Penghulu offices.

He said those who have applied but find their names missing from the list or want to object to names in the list, have to notify the Commission within seven days of the list being put up.

Sabri said one of the reasons for making the list public was also to allow people to notify the Commission if they noticed names of deceased voters or those who have lost their citizenship or changed their status from postal voters.

“We urge the next of kin of deceased voters to help us in our effort to clean up the voters’ list by sending us the death certificate or burial permits of the deceased voters; they can send the documents by post, facsimile or by hand to the state Election Commision office or our headquarters,” he said.

He said registered voters who noticed mistakes in spelling, addresses or identity card numbers, could ask for corrections to be made by writing to the state office or headquarters or sending an e-mail to

Those with queries can contact the commission’s headquarters at (603) 8885-6500 or send a fax to (603)-8888-9117 or click on

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