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Policemen Questioned Over Kugan's Death

11 Policemen Questioned Over Detainee's Death (Bernama)

"We've got Kugan's postmortem report yesterday and we are waiting for a report on injury marks on his face and body. We will let the media know about it," he said.
[I am no expert in postmortem, but i though the injury marks on kugan's face and body shall be part of the postmortem right? Why do you need another report for that?] 

He had asked for a glass of water and vomited after drinking and then collapsed.
[Could it be head injury? Usually the victim will vomit right? I am no doctor.. I think it is call concartion or something] 

"I assure the highest standard of integrity in the investigation and it will be in accordance with the law.[OK, lets see then OK?] 

"Appropriate action will taken to uphold justice and the law. The police will not be taking sides in the investigation and Bukit Aman will monitor the case," he said in a statement.
[Are those officer been detained now? This is a murder case, any suspects shall be detained right? I am not a lawyer, I am just asking question] 

He called on the family and the public to control their emotions and refrain from flaming the issue and they should have confidence in the law and justice of the country.
[Confidence and Trust has to be EARNED, NOT merely ASKED.. DICKHEAD]

PETALING JAYA, Jan 23 (Bernama) -- A special Bukit Aman investigation team has recorded statements from policemen, who were on duty, when a detainee, A. Kugan died in custody at a police station in Subang Jaya on Tuesday.

Headed by Federal CID deputy director Datuk Shatar Abdul Jalil, the team had taken statements from 11 policemen from constables to corporals aged between 25 and 30 at various places including the Selangor contingent headquarters since Wednesday.

"We will complete the probe soon. There will be no cover-up. The case has attracted a lot of attention. Give us time to investigate (the case)," said Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar told reporters here Friday. Read More....

PDRM has a long history of cases involving alleged brutality and death while in custody but nothing has been proven. Why? Intimidation? Cover up?

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