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RPK The People's PM

I am looking at the option available in the political market and realized that RPK is the only person seen and deem qualify for the post of PM from 2009-2014. Just ONE TERM and I belief Malaysian will accept the risk and balance it with the benefit of getting reform into the right track!

Check the POLL and Participate in it, email it to your friend!

Who do you want to be our NEXT PM?

I know it is just a POLL and I know it does not carry much weight, DSAI wants to be PM, HADI wants to be PM, LKS dreams about become PM, Najib thinks he is a PM now, Abdullah wants to continue. So we the people of Malaysia must TELL DSAI, HADI and LKS to give RPK a chance. Let him be the partyless PM, but a PEOPLE's PM for ONE Term! I as Malaysian, Father and Blogger will welcome such a MOVE!

Can we have a national referemdum to determine this? I can start just A POLL! I am willing to chip in my time to help to make sure RPK is our NEXT PM!

Since RPK started with R! The Rahman prosphecy continue after Najib as PM for ONE DAY! Malaysian Let find way to make it happen.. OUR WAY!

Calling Pak Lah to defect to PR and bring along his supporters (MP). Bring along 35-45 MP from BN and you will save face by allowing RPK as PM. DSAI, HADI and LKS please give way. This is OUR WAY, Malaysian WAY!


Horray, RPK is to be our next Prime Minister. Our country will be in safe hands then.

Can you people stop applying that R.A.H.M.A.N. theory? Because of this theory, Mohd Najib thinks he is entitled to that PM seat.

And since most people are unable to think for themselves, they readily accept the nonsence. The next PM shld be a man chosen by the masses, regardless of the first initial of his name. No wonder Msia is screwed-up, with this insistence on harping on RAHMAN theory. Stop being childish & pathetic!

In the cyberworld, RPK is king !

Yeah I think it is childish and pathetic too. Just that it is fun to play around with the prophecy.

Anyway, whatever it is we all hope that RPK can be our next PM...

Shiok Guy

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