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Singapore’s top student is Malaysian

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SINGAPORE, Jan 13 – Singapore’s top O-level student was not here to collect her results and may not even continue her studies in Singapore.

Haw Sue Hern, from CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School, had just returned to her home in Subang Jaya, Malaysia, after a holiday in Beijing when she learnt of her results. Her family had planned their holiday before the announcement last week that the O-level results would be released yesterday.
Sue Hern’s score of 10 A1s made her the top O-level performer out of 36,640 students this year..... Read More here
My advise to Miss Haw is to continue your education in Singapore until University (Graduate and Postgraduate Level) and then apply for scholarship to further your Doctorate Degree in oversea. I belief the Singapire government and society welcome you with Open Arm.

What is the point of coming back here? Will you be appreciate? If you join the medical practise in Malaysia, will you be judge by your ability? Go.. Singapore is a better place to be.. Don't be scared.. start a new life there.. fall in love and start a family.. You can always come back in the future.. Singapore and Malaysia is not too far apart. Don't make a mistake in enrolling into Taylor.. Are they really good? Or just money making institute? Think About it...

From Shiok Guy

Yes, continue your studies in Singapore.

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