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Heartless Air Asia

Heartless Air Asia

Commercially Air Asia did nothing wrong and might also said that they are very kind for allowing me to change my flight within less than 48 hours. Their rules allow changes with penalty of RM80.00 if the changes is done within 48 hours.

I was trying to change my flight on Fri, 20 March 2009, 9pm, is clearly outside the allowed 48hours. So commercially Air Asia is doing me a favor for allowing me to change to Mon, 23 March 2009, with the RM80.00 penalty plus the fare different.

The following is the live recording of my conversation with the Air Asia staff in Miri on Fri, 20 March 2009 around 9pm.

Now I am not saying they are wrong commercially, just saying that they are HEARTLESS and NO HUMANITY . May be that what you need to be profitable?

I bet on Mon, 23 March 2009, 10am flight, or anyone of the 3 flight scheduled for 23 March 2009 are not fully book! What is wrong to allow me to change the flight without RM80.00 Penalty and Fare Different?

I was willing to provide the doctor letter and I have 2 OKU (My sons are autistic) cards to seek for humanity ground, but Heartless Air Asia simply does not allow. I only have RM50.00 in my wallet and I need to pay for buss fare and food for next 2 days before 23 March. So I cannot afford the RM80 Penalty plus whatever fare different that they want to impose.

At the end, I choose to fly back to KL as schedule on Sat, 21 March 2009, 940pm on AK5259. So sad I cannot be with my mother until she is discharged from Miri Hospital!


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