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Sarawak needs the indelible ink

"We don't have car in the long house, the road is tarred so that when car passing by we will have less dust"

The upcoming by-election for Batang Ai in Sarawak and also the three Bukit by-election in west Malaysia are the best time to start using the indelible ink. What is indelible ink? The following is the wikipedia definition: -
The word indelible means cannot be removed. Some types of indelible ink have a very short shelf life because of the solvents used, which evaporate rapidly.

India, Philippines, Indonesia and other developing countries have used indelible in the form of electoral stain to prevent electoral fraud. The Election Commission in India has used indelible ink for many elections. Indonesia used it in their last election in Aceh. In Mali, the ink is applied to the fingernail.
Sarawak is/was a oil and timber rich state but the people of Sarawak has been missing out in the development and quality of life compare to other states in Malaysia. Why? As a Sarawakian, I belief this is due to how little the royalty payment is channeled back to Sarawak. The following picture tell a million words.

Sarawak is a vast state and to conduct an election in Sarawak is also a big challenge, hence it is also very easily manipulated by those who has the mean and way to do it. Now let me talk about just monetary reward to some long house folks.

If you take a drive from Miri to my home town call Long Lama, you will come across a few long houses along the way. You will find something very interesting, the road from Bakong onward toward Long Lama are not tarred. Basically this road are maintained and built by timber and oil palm related companies to transport timber and palm oil out respectively.

But when you traveled along the way, whenever you come to any long houses the road in front of the long house are fully tarred without holes. If the long house is 100 meters long, the tarred road will be exactly 100 meters long. This is what we call development in term of transportation for the long house folk in return for their vote in the general election. I once asked them why the road is exactly the same length of the long house? The reply is "We don't have car in the long house, the road is tarred so that when car passing by we will have less dust"

Why Sarawak needs to use the indelible ink? Just take my area Baram P220, the size is easily bigger than that of Melaka. It does not has a proper road system and people depends a lot on water transportation. During any election, we have a lot of those boat man carrying voter from one polling station to another, FOR FREE! The boat man are usually employed by the BN related parties to carry the voter to each polling station. What happen if someone is carrying 20 NRIC and going around to each different polling station to cast their vote.

Any political parties want to win the federal government of Malaysia must win at least 50% of parliamentary seat of Sarawak and Sabah! But to win in Sabah and Sarawak is not an easy feast, you will need money, a lot of money to help you to cover those huge area!

AND you need Indelible Ink! Why? Because I was a boat man before in Long Lama and I know what they did in every general election. The boat man always talk to those voters while ferrying them around. I was around 15 when I start ferrying voters around in any general election, only now I understand what is phantom voters and why we need those indelible ink.

For this coming Batang Ai By-election, the people of the state of Hornbill should YELL for Indelible Ink!

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What the BeeNd or MT government did to the swiftlets industry is a shame, rest assured that they won't a single vote from swiftlets farmers, certainly not from swiftlets either !


Let's hope that the ink
Helps to trace the link
Before it's gone in a blink
Disappearing faster than you think

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 150309
Sun. 15th Mar. 2009.

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