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Dayak Marginalized: Najib 5 vs Anwar 0

There were five Dayak in Najib cabinet, yet Pakatan Rakyat said the Dayak were marginalised. Suara Keadilan print version recently published shadow cabinet, and there was not a single Dayak named.
[Anon comment that I committed plagiarism by not quoting where the above information come from. I agree and the reason was not to give Sarawak Update the publicity. Anyway since Anon has mentioned it is from Sarawak Update, So here is the Link]

The above quote was taken from online blog/news site. My question is Why are we still living in the race based politic and representation? Does it mean that appointing more Dayak into a cabinet will make the community less marginalized? Or yeah, you are going to argue that Only Dayak can/will Look after the Dayak. Only Chinese can/will look after the Chinese. Only Malay can/will look after the Malay etc.Let call this Racial Interest or RI.

Let step back a little bit, if a constituency make up of boiling pot of different races, the candidate shall come from the majority of the race of that particular constituency, right? Based on RI, except the race of the candidate or the majority all other will be marginalized?

A racist will always sing the following line, or the RI line. Why must certain group been appointed if he or she does not have the right qualification? Compare the academic qualification of our cabinet ministers to that of Singapore. In Malaysia, most of the ministers has no formal qualification to the job he is appointed to. Oh yeah, all those can be done by the ministry staffs right? Is this the by product of our race based politic system? Where the wrong person is selected for the job just because we have to fill the quota allocation?

The above quote come from my home state Sarawak, and I am ashamed of it. Najib's Cabinet has 5 Dayak and Anwar's Shadow Cabinet has 0. Is that mean that the PR is marginalized the Dayak? No in my book! If no qualify Dayak are available, so let me it. Please don't apply the RI mentality, we simply has to move forward and leave race based politic behind.

Coincidentally, RI can also mean Religious Interests. So can we move forward and leave Racial Interests and Religious Interests behind?

Hey you copy + paste text from our website (Sarawak Update)without any proper referencing is plagiarism you know?

Dear Anon 9:39am

Yes I know it is Plagiarism! I did not cut and paste the whole article from Sarawak Update and the reason is not to provide them the unnecessary reference.

However since you already mentioned it here, I will add the reference to the site on the update version of this posting.

Shiok Guy

Thank you

"Compare the academic qualification of our cabinet ministers to that of Singapore. In Malaysia, most of the ministers has no formal qualification to the job he is appointed to..."

Hi shiok guy, indeed we have non qualified YBs...some of them are "qualified" just becos they got their certificates from backdoors. In Sabah, there are few who got their Masters without having seated in the universities lecture rooms..some got someone paid to write their another one is about to drop out from OUM becos unable to find someone to help him with these kinds of politicians, how could we expect our future prosperity??

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