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Resign and Be a Hero

When the MACC after an elected Assemblyman (ADUN) or Member of Parliament (MP), the best thing to do is to resign and force a by-election. Let the MACC do its job and we the Rakyat will do ours to show that no matter how many ADUN or MP are been investigated, a new one will stand up and continue the struggle.

I hope all the PR ADUN and MP are not power crazy and stay on. Just Resign and Force a by-election. You will be the Hero of the Rakyat, and please come out and campaign for whoever is replacing you as candidate.

So the Rakyat should said to the BN and MACC: Bring It ON Brother!

Whenever there is a By-election, a lot of money will be pouring in, but this time the Rakyat should ask for "Do it now and ask for vote later", Not "vote for me than I deliver". The Rakyat should be smart enough now, and remember you can and you should take anything given, but then still vote with what you belief in. Remember your soul cannot be bought, but what wrong to take back what is belong to you anyway!

The latest Rakyat Hero! Fairus Khairuddin has quit as the state assemblyman for Penanti. Please do not wash dirty laundry in the public, we the Rakyat will regard you as Hero. Let show the BN and MACC that One Hero Fairus resigns and another potential Hero will step forward.

How about the 2 ADUN from Perak who are been investigated by MACC? Can you two please just resign? It is not too late to do so. You can be late but at least you do it! We are waiting for another 2 heroes from Perak soon.

To the Rakyat, we all know what to do once the by-election is coming. Or rather once the Buy-Election is coming. For this time onward it will be now NOT be COD (Cash On Delivery) Nor CAD (Cash After Delivery) but Eill Be CBD (Cash Before Delivery).

Please note I Am Not, and I repeat I Am Not asking the voter to take bribe here, it is just figure of speech! Cash could be Development, Allocation and Funding for the Rakyat.

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