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Mourning Arm Band

I am sorry I cannot be there on 7 May 2009 due to fatherly responsibility for my 2 autistic sons. But I would want to be able to tell them in the future that I did contribute a bit toward 7 May 2009.

In the death of someone important, for example a member of the police force, a football team member or a family member. The mourning members will wear a BLACK ARM BAND. This coming 7 May 2009 is the death of something very dear to our heart, the people of Malaysia.

It will be the Death of Democracy!

When I was doing the design of the above Arm Band, it strikes me that MAY BE something good will happen on the sitting of the state assembly. The Bright Yellow around the black arm band symbolize our last hope. I am praying for The Bright Yellow to be the Hero of Malaysian, Once Again.

Until then... for the mean time you may use the above arm band without asking for any permission for me. The copyright of the above has been donated to Malaysia Democracy.

So sorry to hear about your sons' austism. More hurting was when I went into the austism web and read about the 2 front teeth. Gosh, he has to wear braces for life. Please let me venture to suggest your trying the transfer factor advance which has been documented to help with austism. Goto I have articles to e-mail you if you could let me have your e-mail address at my address. Cheers. William

Dear William

I am also from a autism society call PR4A. We have parents who try transfer factor with various degree or success and failure.

Each kid situation are different and unique..

Sure please do email you information, put it nice compile I can put it in the directory section. Do you mind to contribute as listing fee?

Shiok Guy

Dear William

I mean listed in My Autism Resource, Not here in Shiok Guy's Opinion

Shiok Guy

Dear Shiok

Susah la nak download and print, my house no printer. Lagi don;t know how to use pc..

Why dont you print out and distribute at all toll plaza toward ipoh?

Orang Cina

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