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My Belief, My Religion

I am not a Christian, a Muslim or Buddhist but I do belief in god, Someone, Something, Colony or Alien Being who are much more intelligent and powerful than we the human being. But I am NOT a believer or follower of Scientology where Tom Cruise and some celebrities are the followers.

What do I belief in? I always belief that the earth or the milky way is a lab experiment by some powerful and intelligent Alien Being. They create this whole milky way to simulate their own world and environment. Whatever happen on earth is predefined by their testing schedule and we are purely an object for the scientific experiment. Am I watching too much of science fiction movie like Matrix?

Everyone is entitled to what they belief in, so if you are Muslim please continue believing in what your religion and its way of life. If you are a christian, do so the same and continue your belief and way of life. If you are a Buddhist, continue believing in the cycle of life. May be you are right that we human being are been recycled by the Alien Being because we merely an experimental object in their world. We are merely a lab subject or object which can be removed and introduced back into the experiments. No wonder we had sudden missing people, Aircraft or Ship without any trace, any explanation and any answer. Anything that we human cannot explain or understand we think it is God's work. In my view, it is Alien's work. We are merely an experimental objects, like what we did in using rat in our experiment too.

So do we stop believing in our own religion? No, of course not. You should continue and do what you are told by the holy book of each religion. This is part of the experiment by the Alien Being to test the compliance behavior of their own being.

So what do we call this religion? Alienology? I belief this is not a religion, but merely an experiment by the Alien Being to test and simulate their own system and environment. Will human being fight back in the future for survival when the Alien Being decides that they have enough data and want to Switch Off the experiment? I know it is not in my life time to see, but who know it could be tomorrow. Or may be I will be mysteriously disappear tonight after I post this article. Because the Alien Being does not allow me to talk too much. May be they have their own set of ISA? I will be teleported to another planet, recycled, reprogrammed and reused.

We usually say "Oh My God" or "OMG" for Shiok Guy says "Oh My Alien" or "OMA"


Hope that He/her? They? are glad to meet you as you are glad to meet him? Them?..?

Dear Hamba,

If my belief is true, do you think I am glad to meet the creator? If I am merely the object in a testing environment, do you think I will be glad to meet the tester?

BTW, of course I wish I am wrong. If I am wrong then it is OK because the creator will be wise and kind to forgive me.

But what if I am right? Is it funny when we find out what we prayed to are laughing at us since they are doing an experiment on us. Can you imagine,when you meet the creator and found out you are merely an experimental rat.

Just something to think about. But we human tend to belief in something wonderful and we tend to lack of critical thinking. right?

Dear All,

Just open up this topic purely for discussion and to widen our mind of thinking outside the box.

I am in not position of interest to convince anyone to leave their religion and belief in this. Anyway there are no such thing as Alienology or Alientology.

Just having some good discussion about alternative view about a lot of thing in life. To have alternative thinking does not mean you have to belief.

Shiok Guy

Alien huh? Shiok Guy are you a crazy man?

The load send his only son to save you, and you call him alien being instead?


Dear John,

I think you are referring to Lord not Load!

Anyway, you entitled to your belief and I respect that. I am entitled to my belief too. You belief that Lord/Alien send his only son to save us all. We will see who is right and who is wrong at the end of the day.

Shiok Guy

I am not religious but spiritual.
Another alternative view; please read,

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