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Unity Talk is an Umno Trick

Why UMNO is so desperate for the Unity Talk with PAS? Why DPM said that UMNO will agreed on anything that PAS demand? How about if PAS demand for the PM position and DPM for Najib. Will UMNO also agree on the demand?

UMNO knows that it will lost the next upcoming by-election in Manek Urai. PAS with the support of PR will win the state seat with added majority. Just like the Penanti state seat in Penang, UMNO can choose to a walk over without contesting the seat. But UMNO want something in return for not contesting the Manek Urai State Seat. UMNO want to create friction between the component parties of PR, namely PKR and DAP.

Since UMNO knows that it will lost the state seat, why not just create some drama to stir up emotion for the Malay and Muslim in Malaysia. Both PAS and UMNO tend to contest the same Malay majority State and Federal seat and forming an Alliance between them will not benefit in term of seat count.

The reason why UMNO, or DPM is so hurry about the Unity Talk is because the nomination day for the Manek Urai is just around the corner, 6 July 2009. UMNO want to be able to spin that PAS has agreed to a Unity Talk and Government so they decided for no contest for the seat. A perfect scenario for UMNO to save face and at the same time create friction with PR Alliance. If PAS is stupid, it will plays into UMNO dirty trick. Haven't PAS learn from past experience?

If PAS really play into the dirty trick of UMNO, The Barisan Rakyat Blogger should field a candidate for the Manek Urai by-election and go tackle head on with PAS.


I have been asking the same questions myself and Shiokguy has answered them right on target.

I belief PAS is smart enough to see that this is a trap. I hope they are not power greed until too blind to see.

UMNO is keen to have something before 3 July, the nomination day! They are getting desperate!

Let play the games

Shiok Guy

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