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The recent decision by the government to revert back to teaching of Science and Mathematics in BM caused different emotional reaction to 2 main groups. For those who are looking for Ego, Self glorification, Living in Denial and Handout will claim victory. For those who willing to do anything for the future of their kids and future of education system in Malaysia, they Grieve! I belong to the second group who grieve about the future of my kids and generation to come.

In my humble opinion BM is a language only good for linguistic and poetic expression. When we are going to teach Science, Mathematics and IT, BM failed badly. To add salt into the wound, BM try to introduce new naming for some scientific terms, why can't we just follow the naming in English. Why? Another EGO!! Do you know most of scientific terms in English are copied from Latin? Why can't we just copy the same term from English or Latin? ONCE AGAIN BIG EGO of those who think highly of themselves. Once again it is Stupidity and Egoism!

The first group talk about making BM a great language in the world, for 26 million people of the world  (Only 10% of Indonesia, and 0.4% of the world population), or we are trying to include the 250 million from Indonesia and tidy 250 thousand from Brunei? Our Indonesian brothers and sisters will just laugh at us and say to our face "Why don't Malaysia adopt Bahasa Indonesia? We are going to English"

If the first group is so confident about what is good, English or BM then let the market choose. For Primary 1 to Primary 6, we can all learn in Mandarin, BM or English! From From1 to Upper 6, let the parent choose which stream of school they want their kids to go to. From university onward, allows 3 English Medium Teaching university to operate in Malaysia and the intake is based on Merit, NOT COLOR!

For those who want to enter to the 3 English Medium Teaching University, they will have to sit for English Qualification for admission (One for Oral argumentation of an issue, and one for grammatical usage of English) and a Challenge Solving Skill (This is to eliminate those who study like a photocopying machine, instead of understand the issue and principle behind solving a challenge)

Don't tell me about the cost of running those above, if you allow me to come forward and cut all those leakage in our budget, we will save at least 3-8 Billion, and this money can help to pump up our education system.

Finally, message to those Egoistic and Stupid first group, don't let your ego, uncompetitiveness and backwardness drown us all. If you choose to drown yourself, do it at your own backyard!

And please Mr. PM don't talk about "Malaysia Ensures World Class Education Institutions", we are laughing stock of worldwide education system based on Ranking.

Finally do you think you are an idiot? Take this Idiot Test to proof otherwise! 

Now remember, An Idiot is easy to control and satisfy. Now you know why those rich, famous and powerful send their kids to international school and oversea for university education.

Wake up and have a nice day idiot!


"In my humble opinion BM is a language only good for linguistic and poetic expression..."

Maybe this simply reflects your poor command of Malay, such that higher concepts in science are beyond your ability to explain them in Malay?

I have listened to lectures in Malay that are clear, so it is not a fundamental flaw of the language itself. A lot depends on the conceptual understanding of the person, and his or her linguistic ability.

LOL. Don't get angry ya. :)

Dear Anon,

No worry, why should we get angry! Open discussion is what we need for a better Malaysia, right?

With the above comment, can you explain why our university has slide in worldwide ranking for last 20+ years? Now we are not even ranking within the 200.

Is it not because of BM and quota? What then?

Shiok Guy

Well in my humble opinion, I think you need to improve your English too. As well as your poor grasp in BM, based on your writing, you also have poor grasp in English too. I would assume you would be more proficient in Mandarin & despise Canto & Hokkien. Which then brings to the conclusion that you would have studied in SRJK school. LOL

Well here's a fact that you should consider; there are 2 groups which HOLISTICALLY oppose the teaching of Sc & Mth in Eng:

1. The Nationalist MALAYS (they want it to be taught in BM)
2. Chauvenist CHINESE (they want it to be taught in Mandarin)

Well the spotlight is mostly on the 1st group, the 2nd should also be highlighted too.

Anyway my advise to you:
1. LEARN to read,write & speak BM fluently. It is MALAYSIAs mothertounge (not Mandarin mind you) ;)
2. LEARN to read,write & speak ENGLISH fluently so you don't sound like an Ah Beng trying to vent his woes in English but ends up sounding like an idiot.
3. Read more on the issues without bias and comment intelligently.

Thank you...jangan marah

Never Marah!
Thank you very much for your opinion. I really appreciate it!

Shiok Guy

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