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Truth for Teoh Beng Hock - Part 1

RIP Teoh Beng Hock!

I am not going to be writing able the truth because I know deep inside my heart the truth may never surface. Not now and may be NEVER. I am going to gone through the article in the blog call Truth for Teoh Beng Hock (

Portion of the first posting:

Teoh was forced into some unscrupulous dealings. He did not like what he was doing. To protect himself, Teoh made copies of false documents, fictitous public work, and dummy companies. He copied information from his notebook and the office computers into a hard disk and left it with someone. Inside are stack of information detailing the corruption by the DAP in Selangor.

Teoh Beng Hock shall not die in vain. The truth will be revealed.

Portion of the second posting:

For Tahun 2008 (ADUN Sg Pelek) projects under YB Ronnie Liu list there are 172 projects.

Of this number, Items No. 89 to 172 (83 projects in Sg Pelek) have been awarded to Wong Chuan Chow worth RM216,950 in just one year. The list of projects given to Wong Chuan Chow have been scanned here*.

* The documents will be scanned and posted in next posting. 
And on the third posting, the scanned document is posted as JPG files from Page01, Page08-Page14. Can you please release the Scanned Document for Page02-Page07? A partial hidden or missing document make your claim very difficult to connect. We are waiting for you to post the missing Page02-Page07.

Now! Refer to the highlighted wording in RED above and  answer the following questions: -

1. Did you scan the document page01, page08-page14 that you posted on the net?
2. Where did you get the document from?

Dear reader of this blog, if you already smell something not right just keep it to yourself. Let the joker answer my 2 questions. Part 2, we will talk about the missing page02-page07.



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