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Ah Long's Debt Collection

Boss: Sam please report on your collection status!
Sam: Boss, we have not enough man power. A lot of our staff has turn legitimate.
Boss: Tell me what case do you have in hand now?
Sam: I have one who refuse to pay us for a few years now and they owed us 12Billion for his Transport Business, and we have another client who borrowed RM2500.00 for his school Merdeka Celebration.
Boss: Since we are lacked of human resource, please concentrate on the RM12Billion and make sure we get them to settle it. Go all out and get them to pay.
Sam: Are you sure Boss?
Boss: I ask you to do, you just carry out my instruction. What the F**k do you question my decision? A very simple decision, anyone who has brain will know they should go for the big fish first, right? Are you stupid or what?
Sam: Sure Boss, please check with your wife who was involved in the company related to the RM12Billion loan. Boss I have brain also, but you better check lah, else tonight you have to sleep outside.
Boss: *&&^%^&%#@@#)(*^&

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