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Yahoo, UM back to top 200

In the recent Times Higher Education-QS World University Rankings 2009, UM has moved from 230 to 180 and now UM is visible again in the world Top 200 THE Ranking. The following are some of the ranking of University in Singapore, China, Thailand and Hong Kong.

24  University of Hong Kong
30  National University of Singapore
35  Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
46  Chinese University of Hong Kong
49  Tsinghua University
52  Peking University
73  Nanyang Technological University
103  Fudan University
124  City University of Hong Kong
138  Chulalongkorn University
153  Shanghai Jiao Tong University
154  University of Science and Technology of China
168  Nanjing University
180 Universiti Malaya

Why are we behind Chulalongkorn University of Thailand? I know a lot of you will say, any improvement is time to call for celebration. I do agree and let celebrate! After the celebration and can we sit down and think about what is 180 mean when we are actually behind a lot University in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and EVEN Thailand?



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