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My Beef Rendang

I love Beef Rendang especially those that cooks by one of my friend's mother. But recently I visited him during his son's birthday celebration, and I cannot find any my favorite Beef Rendang cooks by his mother.

My friend told me, for the past 10 years he visited a lot of open house and also attend home based party hosted by his friend, all the food are Halal (and pork free).

Now he realized that most of his friend goes all out to cater for sensitivity of his religious belief, but he never did so in the past. He always served his mother yummy Beef Rendang and never though about the sensitivity of his Hindu friends who come to visit. So he is now serving no beef, halal and vegetarian only!

For me, I am OK with whatever foods are served. If I am allergic or religiously forbid to eat certain food, i will just skip the disk and go to the next. As long as it is clearly labeled. In Indonesia and some middle east hotel, pork are openly serve in the 5 stars hotel and even in buffet section. Why are we Malaysian any different?

I missed his mummy Beef Rendang, but he invites me whenever his mummy cook some!



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