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Red (Race & Religion) Card: Bayan Baru MP Zahrain Hashim

If you have the gut, please resign and let the people have a say whether they still want PR or BN. Please note we voted PR not you as individual. Please do not have high regard on yourself and look at the mirror and ask yourself what in you that make you so special. I can tell you now "NOTHING"

He said he resigned from the party because he did not want to be blamed by history and the future generations for not having done anything to check irregularities and for being part of a group which destroyed the people, religion and nation.

"I did what I could in my capacity to check irregularities at the PKR leadership but my protests and criticism went unheeded. I was marginalised in an attempt to silence me," he said. Bernama
Basically you are not even qualify to be mentioned in our HISTORY. Dream ON!


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