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Malaysia and Zimbabwe

Read about this online: -

Malaysia protests to Zimbabwe over asset seizure

And the following quote catch my attention: -

Charge de Affairs at the Kuala Lumpur’s embassy in Harare, Mohamad Nizan Mohamad, told journalists here that Vice President John Nkomo promised to take the matter to President Robert Mugabe – a friend of former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.
Can Dr M help to resolve this since he is a friend of the Dictator Mugabe? Here is another example of Rule of Law, or lack of Rule of Law affecting foreign investment in a Country. I see a lot of similarities between Malaysia and Zimbahwe, especially on lack of Rule of Law and Dictator Rules.

Mohamad said the Asian investors had made significant investment on the land and were planning to expand operations once the dispute over ownership of the banana farm was resolved.
Similarly in Malaysia, the right wing approach of Perkasa will do harm in foreign investment in Malaysia. What happen if the right wing group simply seizure business and property of foreign interest. No? Will see what Perkasa is talking about, Lost of Land in Penang, bla bla bla.. 

Mugabe has not made secret his clearly improbable wish to turn Zimbabwe into the Malaysia of southern Africa.

He has also regularly holidayed in the south-east Asian country since the United States and European Union governments banned him and his top allies from their territories as punishment for stealing elections and failure to uphold the rule of law, democracy, human and property rights.
Mugabe want to turn Zimbabwe into Malaysia of South Africa? This is very funny, only like mind people think alike. So our leaders are all like mind people to Mugabe? No wonder we welcome him to holiday in your country when the rest of the world is banning him as dictator, failure to up hold the rule of law, democracy, human and property rights. So I can safely said, like mind people think alike, and our leaders in Malaysia are having the same kind of mindset like Mugabe.

In addition critics said Mugabe’s cronies in his ZANU PF party and the security establishment – and not ordinary peasants – benefited the most from farm seizures with some of them ending up with as many as six farms each against the government’s stated one-man-one-farm policy.
Here comes the best similarity, we the ordinary Malaysia does not benefited. All sapu by UMNOPutra or BNPutra. Where is the rights and benefit of ordinary peasants.

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