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April 25 Bait

Looking back at events that happened since 8/3/2008, I am sad to say that PR has screwed up openly too many time. The ground forces are still with PR but the swing is back to BN somehow.

The involvement of the Hindraf into the 25 April by-election will help swing more vote toward the BN while diluting the support for PR. Why on earth are we still supporting a Religious and Race based party?

Frankly PAS has to change it stand or change it name too. A religious based party is not a New Malaysia way of life. We want to have party based on issue, ideology and others. NOT Religious or Race Based

Let April 25 as a bait for BN, let them win with widen margin. Bring it on the snap election for Perak! We need to learn to send out a bait to get the bigger fish! But then again, do you think the BN dare?



Dear Shiokguy,

Very interesting take but I don't think Zaid Ibrahim will agree with you. Also PAS, despite its name, is the most successful opposition party the country has. It has ruled Kelantan for abt 30 decades bro, think of it. None of the other Opp parties can claim similar credit. So the name Islam in a party is a boon for the Opposition - in this case Pakatan. If anything, it is PKR and DAP who need to change their ways and be less race-inclined. DAP, for eg, is still regarded as a Chinese party. PKR? Will there be a non-Malay prez for Anwar's baby? Don't think so.

As for Perak, many in BN are keen to call for state elections esp in view of Najib's sky-high approval ratings but the PM is not interested, I was told.

Btw, Sibu by-election, in order to lull BN into complacency do you think Pakatan should decline to take part in the by-election?


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