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Second Class

When I was doing my Engineering Degree in Canterbury from 1986-1989, we have a few First Class Citizen sponsored by First Class Government. While we the Second Class Citizen have to look for job after class so we can pay our way through University. The First Class Citizen were enjoying life with Car and staying in Hostel/Hall. My transport was a Bicycle (Summer or Winter) which gave me a lot of ice skating during the winter months.

When I graduate, I only manage a Hons (Second Class Upper). Top 5% will get a Hons (First Class) and Top 10% after will get Hons (Second Class).

However, despite been a First Class Citizen in Boleh Land, we did not see any in to top 15%. The worst thing was many have to REPEAT The whole Years.

For someone who call themselves First Class Citizen, he or she is proud.
For someone who call OTHERS to be inferior, he or she is just INSECURELY STUPID



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