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The Best Politician in Malaysia

Who can be the best politician in Malaysia? With the current events involving HS and Sibu by-election, I would said the BEST Politician in Malaysia at the moment is those who are suffering from Terminal illness

Why? I think the elected MP/ADUN finally passed away due to the sickness, which he or she will surely be succumbed to anyway. His or her passing will benefit his family since his or her next of Kin will receive pension or something from the PEOPLE of Malaysia. The Next Beneficiary will be the people of his or her constituency. When a by-election is coming, a lot of fund will be pouring into project or simply downright donation to schools and others.

Isn't that good? In a long run, this is not the solution for a better Malaysia. However in a short term basis at least the people will benefit with all the extra money that pouring in. Hey, but remember this is YOUR Money at the first place.

I wonder if the GDP growth for first quarter of 2010 at 10% plus is a result of spending push due all the by-elections? Hey I am not an economist!

"You help me, I help you"

So calling the political party to field only terminal ill candidate. This is very simple, not cheating No?


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