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Varsity Blue

Just read the article on 27 December 2010 edition of The Malay Mail

Scanned from the malay mail without permission. sorry!

I think ISZAID comment is the right one, without giving the best to the best. The university only produces junk with flooded the job market. So to AFDHAL, the solution is when the best does not get the best treatment, it only produces junk.

Have you heard of the saying "Garbage In, Garbage Out"

Varsity Blue started when we changed the medium of teaching to BM, then come the last straw when the intake is not based on competition! In life, you have to compete to be better. Don't ask for solution, when the solution is looking back at you in the eye. So if you are not good enough to enter a varsity or taking a course. Just give the seat to someone better. At least you do the society a favor by not taking a seat away from some who deserved it, and secondly you will not screaming about Unemployment among fresh graduate.


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