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I promised...

I read about this in 1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower
As the election campaign gets hotter in Sarawak, let's not forget the most important question: it's not merely who will win, but what will they do for us?

Dont just shake hand with the politicians who come for your vote. Ask them whether they will give you what you want:

End of poverty? Protection to NCR land? Flood mitigation? Postal v...oting rights? "18-point"? 

Ask the politicians. Let them know: who's the boss!
I am a Sarawakian from a Ulu Baram town of Long Lama. For every election year (Once every 4-5 years) the politician comes smiling, listening and PROMISING. Once they are elected, they never or hardly DELIVERED their PROMISES.

So that is BN for us for last 30 years or so, especially in Sarawak. So I strongly disagree that we still ask what the politician will do if they are elected. DELIVER WHILE YOU ARE STILL IN OFFICE.

So what should we do my fellow Sarawakian? The new guy (PR) has nothing to prove just yet. BN has proven that they cannot delivered what they have promised. The Decision is CLEAR!

Just Look Back 30 years or abused, Non-Delivered and other and said "Deliver while you are still in office or you are OUT. Don't come back to ask us again"

Please forward the above message to all your friends and relatives in Sarawak


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