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Bersih 3.0, 28 April 2012

I have attended rally in NZ, Christchurch while studying in Canterbury University before.

The police will lined up the way and escort the people to march to the destination. The whole event is fun and more like an carnival of fun and family outing.

When we reached the destination, the place is full of fun and a lot of activities for the kids. A lot of stores are set up to cater for the need of the people. Food and Drink business is good.

After the event, we did not go back home immediately. We shop in the city and all the shops are doing a good business, everyone is happy. Why can't we do the same?

It is so simple, the police need to line up the street to secure the way for us to rally. The escort Bike or Car will clear the way. Anyone who try to disturb will be arrested and drag away. It is a simple job for the police as long as they do not trying to stop it. It is the right of the people to voice out, and we are your BOSS.

Why can't the police try it out? Can you? I think we are more matured to be civilized and at the same times enjoy the whole event.

Please do not use the excuse of rally affect the business of the shops in town. Your action is the one that screw thing up.


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