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How to lie 101

Come across this article about how to lie, and I belief a lot of Malaysian would love to learn how.. especially the politician.

In Malaysia political scene, since most media are controlled by one party or one side. A lie about the others continuously without a chance to rebut it.. The audience will belief it is true. So a lie tell long enough have the power to make people belief it is true, even for the liar.

That's why in the article above, the first step to lie is to make peace with yourself what you about to lie. If you cannot make peace and make belief it to yourself, you will not be able to convince others.

If someone goes on national TV and tell the whole country that you are a Racist or Murder... continuously over and over again. You try to response but it is all silent on all major media. What will happen? After a while people will start to belief that you are a racist or murder.

We need a fair and equal access to the people's TV and Radio Station. Allocate the ratio of air time to all parties according to the % support by the people. Hey.. even those voting the Opposition is paying tax. Unless the country go to a point that, when you vote for the opposition, you do not need to pay tax. Cool?


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