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Wait for Citizenship Over, Hurry Apply Now!

Read about madam Low Hoi@Choo Kon Leng wait for Malaysian Citizenship is finally over with the help of BN Teratai Complaints Bureau Chief Ben Liew.

In the printed article of "theSun", not found on the online version. it quoted that madam Low as saying
"After this, I would like to register as a voter and exercise my right to vote as a citizen in the next general election"

How nice huh? Calling all those waiting for the citizen to call all BN representative for help. Make sure they get you the MyKad before next election. After you get what you want (rightfully), you will still vote according to your choice and belief.

Remember, a lot of immigrant from Indonesia and the Philippine are getting their MyKad easily. Why?

Oops wait.. if you register now, can you make it to the next GE13?


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