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Thank you to the team in Immigration Department in Kelana Jaya

I went to renew my passport today
Bring along my elder son who has autism

I went to the wrong place in Damansara
Was redirected to Kelana Jaya Immigration Department

I was lucky I went there
Not knowing the team is super nice

I did not ask for special help
Trying the Auto Machine but My NRIC can't be READ

I queue to get the form and doing it the manual way
My son was rocking, having good time autism way

The team, Patrick, Devi and Puan Salmi Hamzah
Giving me the help to speed up my application

I got my new passport within 3 hours in the same day
Thank you for noticing and most importantly step in to help

You make my day, and I like to take this opportunity To say!
Thank you very much. I really appreciate it that you all care

Thank you

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