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Janji DiKoSongi - Happy Merdeka 55 Malaysia

Happy Merdeka 55, My Malaysia

55 years has passed, are we doing any better?
Yes, we are!
Can we be a lot better off? Definitely we can, and We Should Be!

55 year of Janji, all DiKoSongi
Janji DiKoSongi!! Why my Proton cost more than a Toyato Camry in US?
While their income level is so much higher than me?

Janji DiKoSongi!! Why my Sarawak is still in much needed development?
The road from Miri to Long Lama is a Janji every 5 years.
Still Janji DiKoSongi!!

GE13, No more Janji!! Only deliver then ask for me
My vote and alll Malaysia should be
Deliver what I want, and I will Janji to vote

What to eat Capati?
Merdeka 55 tahun - Janji Dicapati!!
Listen to this video.....

Janji DiKoSongi!!
Janji DiCapati!!

Good Bye BN
Happy Merdeka Malaysia! Lets make a change!


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