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Pakaian mandi yang dibenarkan

Bring the kids to Putrajaya P9 Community Hall Pool area for water play.
The guard come to me and told me that

Guard: "Anak awak mesti pakai pakaian mandi yang dibenarkan, tak boleh pakai seluar dalam"
Me: "Anak saya pakai Seluar Mandi lah tu"
Guard: " Itu adalah Seluar Dalam"
Me: "Seluar Dalam????"

I took out the actual cotton underwear and show him, and ask him to look at what my sons were wearing. 

Guard: "Lain kali tolong pakai pakaian mandi yang dibenarkan seperti di gambar tu"
Me: "Mana gambar tu?"

Basically there are no picture of what is suitable and what is not. But My son are on proper swimming trunk and they are just 10 and 12 years old. The only signboard I saw was this: -

Basically he is just trying to be bossing around, and today he got the wrong person. I told him if he does not know the different between underwear and swimming trunk then he is not fit for the job. I also told him, trying to do a job without the knowledge, simply make him look like a fool.

And without backing off, he ask whether I am from Putrajaya, I told him it is non of his business. He then said this pool is for people in Putrajaya Only! 

I told him straight into his face, all facilities in Putrajaya are the property of the Rakyat of Malaysia, unless it is a private property. I am paying my Taxes and I am entitled to use the facility. I then and I ask him "Do you pay any taxes in your life?". He looked blank, and I think he never did pay taxes at all.


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