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Check List Before THE DAY, GE13 on 5 May

The announcement of GE13

#Ge13dates announcement

The BN will be coming to your area and giving a lot of promises, let us remember this in mind:-

  • Never belief in any promises from BN anymore, 50 years is enough
  • Tell them you want INSTANT DELIVERY, NOT Promises
  • Take anything coming you way, and ASK FOR MORE.
  • Take whatever is coming, if you do not need it.. DONATE it to charity.
  • BUT continue to ASK for MORE, MORE, MORE...
  • Anything but PROMISES. We cannot accept PROMISES
  • ONLY Instant BENEFIT
  • ON 5 May 2013, VOTE ANYTHING But NO BN
  • You do not have to feel BAD or Guilty
  • The INSTANT BENEFIT is FROM OUR Tax Payer Money. It is OURS, NOT BN
  • You can always GIVE IT BACK to the NEW GOVERNMENT if you feel Guilty

To my brothers and sisters in Sarawak and Sabah, we Malaysian need you now! Don't be fool again by those PROMISES. We had enough of PROMISES..

Najib said "You Help Me, I Help You"
I said "I help myself"
Sabah and Sarawak  said "We can help ourselves, you go find you own help"

Let's make it happen this time...


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